A little lick and it’s good to go

Stamps are what keep the postal system going. Post a letter, a check, or a card, and all you need are an envelope and a stamp.

When we were younger, I and my younger brother collected stamps. We had a special album for displaying those stamps. Those were the days when people wrote letters as a routine and not just for special occasions. We would immediately demand the stamp if it was one we didn’t have in our collection. We especially valued the overseas mail. Then on special occasions, we were allowed to purchase sets of stamps. I don’t remember exactly, but a packet of stamps could be purchased from stationery shops. They had all sorts of stamps.

I don’t remember what happened to all those albums when both of us outgrew our hobby. Perhaps they were donated or (gasp) thrown away.

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a colourful collection of used stamps from various envelopes and postages.

Written in response to WritePhoto prompt: Stamps, hosted by KL Caley



37 thoughts on “A little lick and it’s good to go

  1. Very cool hobby! I used to collect stamps, too. It’s fun to see where all they come from and the picture on them. I later gave all mine to my young cousin when he got interested in collecting. 🙂

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  2. I had a relative use his collection (sold it off somehow) to pay for one of his children’s weddings!

    I found a gent that I can get older still viable stamps from so when I mail packages I decorate envlopes and packages. I just took some to the post office today! Thankfully the clerks know me and trust my addition. But when I get one I don’t know they get out a calculator to make sure the postage is what I say it is 🙂

    I’d be happy to send you a postcard if you wanted to email me your address or have someone who has a PO box that you could use… I still have a PO Box from when I had pen pals. 🙂

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    1. Wow! Those must be rare stamps. Using older stamps to send cards is a cool idea. The recipients would be thrilled with them. I don’t have a P.O. Box and I’m in Pakistan so you’d need to use a lot of stamps to send a card. I do appreciate your kindness. Thanks.

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      1. Our postal rate for PC and 1 ounce letters out of the country is the same and it is under two dollars. I have stamps in various amounts… so it would just be what I figured to fit the card. But I do understand…

        Sometimes when I travel I would get postcards for myself. But then I’d forget when… So now when I send PC’s to friends I also send one to myself! I always keep PC stamps in my pocket book 🙂

        Some charities also collect older stamps to ‘resell’ to collectors. I’m not sure how valuable the used stamps are. But I have gifted some that way too. And I have friends who collect stamps. I used to but I don’t think I did it correctly. There are rules about colors of inks and there used to be measurments of the scalloped edges.

        Now I invest my time in writing 😉

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