There are times
When my mind is in idle mode
Thoughts are floating peacefully
Ideas hibernating, in a hazy atmosphere

Then there are other instances
When a frenzy of activity occurs
Too many ideas are simultaneously generated
Thinking power divided between each

Like a computer overloaded
Too many tabs opened, the annoying delays
The throbber*, indicating waiting for response
Perhaps it needs to unplug and go to sleep mode!

(* Throbber is the icon we see when an app or program is being loaded!)

Written for RXC, PROMPT #209 hosted by Reena



65 thoughts on “Overcrowding

  1. What a fantastic take, Sadje. I always know when my brain has too many tabs open, which happens often, as it mirrors the tabs on my computer! ๐Ÿ˜† Wonderful poem, my friend; oh, and yes, sleep mode is definitely need during those times…

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  2. As flowers are woven in the garland , your poetry are woven with words of opposite size and shape . Flow of words appear to be too rhythmic not in sound but in thoughts . As if many many tabs of computer are open at a time , while computer is overcrowded . But no need to unplug and go to sleep at this moment at all . I personally feel and think that a few of loaded parts be removed instantly in case of computer . And in case of mind it could better be done through meditation ( process of evacuation ) . So that the process of your poetry writing could go on . Thanks !

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