Anything for the view

Shaking, I grabbed her hand and said I think we have to get out of here as quickly as possible.

She was shivering too. The cold wind was lashing at us with a great force. But she came here to look at the marvelous view. Nowhere else could we gaze on the beautiful valley below, but on the top of the mountain.

Let’s stay here for a little more time”, she pleaded. “We have climbed the rocks and the steep hills to look at this amazing view. Can we not stay here longer?”

“I’m sorry Emily, but if we stay here longer, we won’t be able to go down tonight. The light is fading and the way down is not easy. We will plan another trip and will come well prepared next time. We can even bring a small tent and spend the night here. Can you imagine how wonderful sunrise would be from this vantage point?”

Reluctantly she stepped back from her position at the top and with a sigh of relief, we started our journey downwards. We barely made it before it started to snow too.

Next time we’ll be better prepared, I promised myself.


Written for FSS, hosted by Fandango



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