Following after unfollowing…. Strange behavior?

So many of you might have noticed that I’ve recently re-followed you. And someone asked me about it too. Why did I need to re-follow people I had been following for almost 3 years?

The explanation is simple; WordPress settings!

I had enabled notifications of new posts on most of the blogs I follow. But this would produce too many notifications and when I got up after sleeping (7-8) hours, some notifications just disappeared. Some comments also were lost because apparently the WP notification panel can hold just a limited number.

I thought if I turn off the notifications of all the blogs I follow, I can simply read new posts in the reader. But not… says WP. There was no tab to turn off notifications. So I had to unfollow a majority of blogs that I follow and follow them again being careful not to enable notifications.

And while I did that, I also reorganized the blogs I followed. In a way it was an operation clean-up as well.

So if you are one of those who were unfollowed and then followed again, this was the reason.

Thanks for staying with me.



54 thoughts on “Following after unfollowing…. Strange behavior?

  1. I love this idea, and may do something similar over the holidays, Sadje. I did notice yesterday that you refollowed, and thought it might have had something to do with my posts not showing in your reader, which has happened on other sites. Anyway, I appreciate you letting us know. 😊

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  2. Oh… so that’s what happened! I’d got the notice that you followed me, which I thought was something weird going on. Glad to know the reason and hope all is good on your blog now after the clean up. 🙂

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    1. They aren’t. In the reader settings, I couldn’t see all the blogs I follow and those I could, I had the option of dis-abling the notifications. While the rest I had to do this way.

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  3. I got two recent notifications that you started following my blog Sadje and I wondered what was up with that. I am having a WordPress glitch at the moment also. I host the prompt called the MM Music Challenge, every other Friday which is on another site and today I could not log into it, so I may have trouble this upcoming Friday.

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  4. Umm interesting. I turned off email notifications as my email box was getting out of control and I just go on the reader now. I am not sure , but I don’t think I lost any blogs I follow. But I did this months ago.

    Wp at times can be.. interesting.. not

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  5. Hi Sadje. I don’t think you were following me but I might be wrong. I know I follow you – but my point is that I did wonder why this happens. Often, someone who was following me suddenly follows again, and I wondered what was happening. Now I know, so thankyou for this post. Smiles.

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      1. It’s a weird thing Sadje. I have had some people re-follow me numerous times, and one person asked me once why I had stopped following them, obviously upset, yet I never knew had! Weird WP. Thanks for re-following me

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  6. Yeah, too many notifications can make it clumsy. I’ve turned it on for a select blogs only, and I read the others in my reader as and when I get enough time to relax. I was wondering about it too, when you’d refollowed yesterday.

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