My snacking habits- Past and present

This week out Throwback Thursday prompt is from Maggie- Snacking habits


We used to eat substantial lunch and dinner when we were growing up. Snacking wasn’t a habit that was encouraged when we were young as it would spoil the appetite for the next meal. And store bought stuff was very rare unless it was a special occasion.

Now the special occasion could be rainfall in summer. In the monsoon season, getting samosas from the market or making pakoras was almost natural. As the only girl in my family, it often was my duty to make pakoras when the rest of the family waited impatiently.

Another snack I was good at making was peanut brittle, made with brown sugar, or “Shakar” as we call the raw sugar. It was ready in minutes and lasted that long too.

Home made French fries were another snack that we made but it was my younger brother who made them. He is very good at it and still makes them for his family.

When I learned to bake, chocolate cake, marble cake and brownies were added to the things we could have as snacks. I had my mom’s cook books and I tried to make as many recipes for which I could find the ingredients!

So I have written about so many goodies we used to have as kids, but these were rare occasions and not everyday occurrences. My grandma was always asking us not to snack in-between meals as it would spoil our appetite. And, ironically, I say the same to my grandson!

Nowadays, I use my snacking habit to replace my lunch. Because with age the digestive system has slowed down and one can either snack or have a meal.


Thanks Maggie for reminding me of days long ago and the snacks we ate!



51 thoughts on “My snacking habits- Past and present

  1. Thanks for joining in Sadie. Your snacks look yummy indeed. That peanut brittle looks great. Funny about warning the grandkids. I typically ask if they have had their main meal. If they have, I let them snack away on all the fruit they want. That is typically their snack of choice here.

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  2. Sadje, your snacks look amazing. I had to look up samosas and pakoras because I did not know what they were. They look delicious. At Christmas, I used to make peanut brittle, but have not done so in years. I cannot eat peanuts myself anymore and since the pandemic, I don’t make treats so much since it is usually just my husband and I. Thank you for participating again – I really enjoyed reading your post.

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  3. These look soooo gooood!!!! Its night time right now and I’m hungry just from looking at the pictures🤤!! I’ve tasted pakoras sometime in my life and I’M ADDICTED to them! How about throwing the recipe our way sometime😁

    My mom also doesn’t encourage snacks in between meals, but we still have them sometimes because we wake up early in the morning, then the next meal is late in the afternoon so we get kinda hungry…

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