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This week Tanya asks us to give our opinion on this quote as a part of Blogging Insights

Blogging is a beautiful skill to express your feelings quote

“Blogging is a beautiful skill to express your feelings & emotions to the right people out there.”


So as far as the spirit of this quote is concerned, I agree that it is a skill where we express our feelings and emotions to the right people out in the worlds!

Whether it is beautiful skill, or do I or others do it well, now that’s a moot point.

For myself, I wouldn’t claim to have the beauty of expression implied in this quote. But I do try to write it simply. And it’s often quoted that there is beauty in simplicity! So if my writing is not beautiful, it’s at least simple enough to be understood by most people.

Now the part about expressing my feelings and emotions; I am not one to write too much about my feelings or emotions. Sometimes, I am moved to write something personal but mostly it is about life in general. My views and experiences are often in the play in the poems and posts that I write. And I’ve noticed that posts/poems where I’ve written more frankly about my feelings are often better liked than others.

The last part about connecting with the right people, now this is where I agree with this statement 100%. It is but natural that we gravitate towards the writing that speaks to us on a deeper level. And as I follow and read blogs that are on the same wavelength as mine, so do others. Like-minded people seek like-minded blogs. And this is where we get and express our appreciation more.

Many thanks, Dr. Tanya for carrying on this conversation.



23 thoughts on “Blogging Skill

  1. Yes truly said blogging is the beautiful skill to express ourselves. I think that’s why I’m here to express myself through my blog. Please do checkout my post and it’ll be my pleasure if I could get some tips from your side. Thank you and keep writing 😌❤️

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