My favorite coffees to wake me up!

Tanya asks us to share the 5 favourite ways that we enjoy our coffee, for 5 Things.

Plain latte;

My all time favorite. Lots of frothy milk and less bitter coffee.

Caramel latte /Hazelnut latte;

In other words flavored lattes. I also like vanilla latter. In America, I used to get the pack of coffee pods with different flavors.


Coffee, chocolate and milk! Nothing better on a cold wintry day.


For times when I need to wake up pronto. Love the flavor of it with my breakfast.

Cold coffee with chocolate ice cream;

A rare treat because of my cold sensitivity but in hot summer afternoons, it’s the perfect way to enjoy my coffee.



82 thoughts on “My favorite coffees to wake me up!

  1. I trained and worked as a barista once. I loved making all these special coffees. I had an accident involving a lorry not long after and now I cant even drink coffee without bad effects on my heart. A lovely coffee post though, well done.

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                    1. To be practical, money matters in life, I agree. But a very wealthy person can be a total failure as a human being and a broke person can be a successful person because they are good and kind people.

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