The big day

Josh had this dream since he was five. To make people laugh.

When he was growing up, he would unintentionally do things that would make people around him laugh. He liked this so much that he would often act the clown to make others laugh or smile.

As he grew older, he discovered that he did have a knack for picking up the perfect one-liners that would be hilarious. Gradually he honed his skill. In college, he’d frequent the late night clubs where the owners would allow him a little time on the stage for his routine. slowly he built up his repertoire and was getting known among people for being a good comic.

Today was his big chance. He was going to audition for a slot in a local channel for a stand-up comic.

He hoped that he didn’t lose his comic streak in stress. The test audience was in stitches when he finished. He got the job.


Written for; FFC, hosted by Fandango

The photo below is from Ross Sneddon at Unsplash.

For the visually challenged writer, the photo shows a man sitting on a stool in front of a red backdrop as he prepares to either be photographed or to be interviewed on camera.



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