Think how beautiful our worlds would be

If we shared in our good fortune with those in need

Food won’t ever go to waste and no one would go hungry

Millions of tons of wasted food feeding hungry bellies

Resource would be properly utilized, there’d be no paucity

Energy, electricity, gas, all shared with people around the world

Money, not an object but the desire for a unified humanity

Joys and happiness shared among our fellow men, women

Sorrow and grief divided and halved when shared

Think how beautiful our world would be?

“Great satisfaction comes from sharing with others.” ~ Unknown.

Written in response to Weekly Prompts, by Sue W and GC



66 thoughts on “Sharing

  1. I love this poem, and it reminds me of one of your answers in the last post of yours I read, which I also agree with. Putting the needs of the planet and people in need everywhere above individual, and national goals. Just do what is right, and take care of people and our home. Great poem, my friend.

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