Diversity in blogging

Tanya, the host of blogging insights says;

Last week we discussed the definition of blogging in that we rearranged the parts of the process that make up the sum. Today let’s take the conversation a little further and talk about the diversity of blogging

“A blog is merely a tool that lets you do anything from Change the World to Share Your Shopping List”


Who could disagree with this quote!

Personal blogs are as varied as the people who write them. No two are exactly the same.

Each of us, when we start the process of Blogging, we have some aim in front of us. Be it just to share our random thoughts or to air the stories when we have written or plan to write. Some share tips and recipes on cooking while some blog on spiritual topics. Photography and art are another popular blog genres.

Professional/business blogs have a bigger impact. But they are geared to promote their business and not change the world as we know it. Many change their own lives by earning money from their blogs which the personal bloggers seldom do.

A blog is definitely a tool for self-expression. A very useful tool which lets us spread our thoughts all over the world without spending any or very little money. The reach of a blog, whichever platform one uses is astounding. I have people from nearly all over the world visit my blog. This is amazing and quiet an honor.

I have yet to see a blog, personal or professional to have a world changing impact but maybe I’ve missed something.

Thanks you, Dr. Tanya for this prompt.



30 thoughts on “Diversity in blogging

  1. Only on cop procedurals on television do bloggers (a) make a fortune from blogging, and (b) change the world. I’m not even sure that I’m up for changing the world. I’m able and willing to offer an opinion, but that doesn’t mean I’m necessarily RIGHT. And opinion is just that — MY opinion and it’s worth whatever you think it’s worth. Worse — I might change my opinion if you can give me good reasons to consider that.

    I think that may be the difference between smart bloggers and insane ones. Smart one can have an opinion, look at the facts and change their minds. If you have an opinion and NOTHING will change your mind, I’m not sure what you call it. A mental block maybe?

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    1. Yeah, it’s only in fiction that bloggers are mega rich and very influential. It is sign of wisdom to be able to learn and change our opinions. Thanks Marilyn.


  2. My blog is just a way for me to process what I am thinking and feeling, like a journal. I don’t have lots of followers. Those I do have are like pen pals from the past before computers and the internet. Friends I have never met in person but friends all the same.

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  3. I agree with your commentary, Sadje. I remember when my blog started to get regular visitors, and yep you were one of the first, I was stunned at how many people started visiting from all over the globe. Is such an honor, I wholeheartedly agree. Great post, my friend.

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