Sunday Poser # 54

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We all get angry at one time or another. My question this week is;

What do you do when you get angry? What do you do to calm down?

I seldom get angry. But there are things people do which can push my buttons. Being openly rude or discourteous is one thing that makes me angry. Being unjust is another and nowadays, especially the over-crowding in my personal space and not wearing masks does get me started.

My first reaction is to ignore, but when the stupidity makes that control weaken, I would give them a piece of my mind. But that happens when I’m alone. If I am with family, specially my kids I just walk away. Embarrassing myself is okay but not my loved ones, and they do get embarrassed when I get on my soapbox!

I try to cool down by walking away, counting to ten, backward, and ignoring the person or persons. But let’s admit it, exploding in anger may leave us regretful, but it is so satisfying to get it all off our minds!

How do you manage when you’re about to blow your fuse?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section or you can write your own post and link it to this post so that I can find it.

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37 thoughts on “Sunday Poser # 54

  1. It really depends on the situation and what I’m angry about. It can range from mild frustration to full-blown aggression. And I don’t mean violent but rather, I will get in someone’s face and directly tell them to back off or explicitly call out their behavior. In that case, my emotions are not in check, more a reaction. But nevertheless, probably warranted.

    What allows it to dissipate is time or resolution. Obviously, I prefer resolution.

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  2. Distancing oneself from an hostile environment is a good option.

    I also tend to go for a walk, pour it all out in my journal or dance.

    I try never to lose my cool but at times one needs to convey to others that their behaviour is unacceptable.

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  3. I don’t often get angry, but I do have some ways to cope. Getting out and ponding the pavement is a great physical way to calm down. To stop the screaming in my head I write. Good question Sadje.

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  4. I have anger ‘issues’ and am working on them with therapy. I see a slight change, but I suspect it will take a lot more work to get the tendency under control. Odd too, because as a younger woman I never confronted people who irritated me, and nobody said (as they do now IRL) “what are you angry for?” It is what it is. I’ve tried breathing, counting to ten, visualization, and a myriad of other ways to control the beast when she busts out of her cage. Here’s my post

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    1. Thanks Melanie! Some people have inherent anger issues. My elder daughter is one of them. The best trick is learning to cope. Humor is a great way of coping. See the funny side of it.


  5. Anger manifests for me much differently today. When there is frustration that leads to anger, I am aware, and work though it in a healthy way. Go for a walk to clear my head and emotions usually works pretty well. The most interesting thing about being angry for me today, is it teaches me where there is work to be done. A helpful teacher in that way. Lovely prompt, Sadje.

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  6. I usually do nothing to express my feelings to the particular person who made me angry. Sometimes I’ll write out my anger and delete it. Other times I’ll just yell about it when I’m alone. Nothing good ever happens from blowing up at someone ~ they’ll just get defensive and everything will be worse. If I’m angry at an object, that’s another thing. I love to swear at table legs that trip me and stuff like that…

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    1. Confronting people doesn’t usually solve the problems unless they are reasonable people. But it does leaves a grudge in our mind against them. I’m trying to learn how to talk to them if they are family or close friends. Yelling at tables or doors is good. 😅😂

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