Stay on the stepping stones!

Carefully placed flat stones in the boggy land served both as way markers and safe passage. The travelers were advised not to step anywhere else but on the stones and follow the leader till they were out of the bog.

Jennifer was a rebel and following instruction was an anathema to her. Midway through the path, she stepped off the stone and onto the soft ground. When her friends heard her scream, they looked to see her sinking slowly into the bog.

No one dared step off their stone to help her. The guide leaped from her stone with a strong staff in her hand. She asked for volunteers who made a hand chain and gradually Jennifer was pulled out of the soft ground.

She went back home the next day but before that, she went and apologized to the organizers for being such a stupid, thoughtless fool. Perhaps she learned a lesson.


Written in response to KL Caley’s Challenge, WritePhoto

Some stones are located in the grassland which is surrounded by hills.
Stones – Image by KL Caley

(For visually challenged writers, the image shows some stones located in the grassland which is surrounded by hills)



31 thoughts on “Stay on the stepping stones!

  1. Great entry, Sadje. Sometimes it takes a short, sharp, shock for something to sink in and I think that’s what your story perfectly represents. Thank you so much for joining in the #writephoto challenge. KL ❤

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