TV Memories

This week for Thursday throwback, Lauren asks us about our TV memories

The first time I watched a TV was when my grandparents got one. My mom had recently passed away and my father had gone to America for a Masters’s degree in public administration. He reluctantly left us with our grandparents, his parents, because this was a US government sponsored scholarship and he had to go.

My grandparents thought that we needed to be amused and entertained so they got a black and white TV. We were quite young at the time. Ages 9-5 years. So we didn’t know much English. My grandfather would sit with us and translate the English dialogue into Urdu for us and my grandmother who didn’t know English either. Thinking back, I feel it was very kind of them.

There were Urdu tv programs in those days but not many. Television industry was just starting in Pakistan. Most of the programs we watched were English, mostly American.

I remember;

The fugitive

Man from U.N.C.L.E



Perhaps there were more but it was a long time ago. There was one cartoon program of five minutes duration which we waited for every day. I think the cartoons were loony tunes or some earlier version of them.

As we grew up, so did the television in our country. Now we have exclusively Urdu programs. I still think fondly of the time we were first introduced to tv.



38 thoughts on “TV Memories

  1. Thanks for joining in my friend. That was very sweet of your grandparents. It must have been a very difficult time for everyone.
    I watched the shows you mentioned too. The Man From UNCLE was a favorite of mine.
    My spouse spoke very little English when his family immigrated from Sweden to North America. He swears he learned more English from the TV show Sesame Street than anywhere else.

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  2. What lovely memories from what must have been somewhat trying times. When we traveled to Switzerland, everyone told us they learned English from watching American television. Thanks for participating again this week, Sadje.

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  3. I remember when we didn’t have a TV…we would sit by the big radio/record player and listen to programs. When we got a TV I was so disappointed in the programs. Imagining the action was so much better! Now I just have Netflix…no cable or satellite.

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  4. Some of my earliest memories of TV were of cartoons and kids shows, like Captain Kangaroo and Sesame Street. Probably one of the first actual shows I remember was Gomer Pyle. That was great that your grandparents let you watch and learn by translating the shows.

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    1. Yes, it was wonderful that they arranged for us not to be bored and of course we learned as well. Thanks! I don’t remember much about the cartoons we watched in those early days. Woody the woodpecker was one and bugs bunny was another.

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