What has changed in the last 20 years?

Fandango Provocatively asks;

Think back to the year 2001 when you were twenty years younger than you are today. Are you a very different person today than you were back then? That’s what this week’s provocative question is about.

How much have you and your priorities changed over the past twenty years? If you’re on the younger side, answer from the perspective of the past ten years or even five years.


Was 2001 twenty years ago! Unbelievable, but true.

Twenty years ago I was 40, now I’m going to be 60 in a couple of weeks.

At 40, I was just realizing my independence. But I didn’t know it then. This secret was revealed to me a few years later that after 40, you don’t have to bother about the opinion of others about you. I took this advice to heart.

At 40, I was giving my three kids my whole attention. They were in various stages of their schooling and needed me to be there for them. My own health wasn’t very good either as I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism and was learning to live with it. My thinking was mostly all over the place with my hyper-sensitivity. It wasn’t a very calming phase of my life.

Now at 60 ( almost), I’d say that things are much better. My three children are now fully qualified professionals, married with families of their own. I am a mother so I still worry a bit about them but mostly they are managing on their own. My health is much better as I have gotten rid of the two bad knees that were making walking and doing daily chores difficult for me. I can walk 3-4 miles a day, do anything I want regarding housework, and I am eating healthy ( mostly)!

My priorities have changed too. Instead of trying to change the worlds around me, I have started accepting things as they are. The family will always be my priority but I don’t obsess over it. There is just that much one can do for the family and the rest is up to them.

I think the older I am getting, I’m more relaxed about life!



46 thoughts on “What has changed in the last 20 years?

  1. That’s a fantastic quote and share, Sadje. I agree about growing older and becoming more relaxed. Jeez, twenty years ago our oldest was only 1, and our youngest was not in the world yet. Phew. Seems like yesterday, and a long time ago. Thanks for sharing, my friend.

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  2. I am getting older, so my memory is not too good…so I don’t remember twenty years ago…just kidding.
    I love your point that you have grown more comfortable with the worlds around. I agree. Its is less stress laiden, to forego struggling with an ever-changing world, and to follow peace instead. Great share, Sadje

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  3. I have always been a rebel… not really caring about others opinions of my worth. I knew I had value (most of the time). Early Happy Birthday – I’m just a few years older than you – I had my birthday last month.

    I’ve got one more year (so-to-speak) before I get my ‘official’ Old Lady Card 😉 It is nice having certain discounts as and ‘older adult’.

    I agree that our children are on their own, but we will always be there for them. Glad your health has improved and you are able to do things you want when you want. It is freeing isn’t it?

    Best to you in your new home and this wonderful stage of knowing who we are and that we can manage! 💞

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    1. I admire you Jules. To break free of the chains of caring for the opinions of others at young age is indeed liberating. Thanks for the birthday wishes! 💖
      My kids say that I’m an self proclaimed old lady for the last decade. I just feel it’s an amazing privilege to be alive, and being able to do what I can and what I want. Thanks

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      1. I think I had to go that route for my own survival. Too many folks were giving me
        negative or mixed signals. So I limited that. I ended up quitting a few jobs because I didn’t agree with my bosses. Every experience can teach us something good.

        I became much ‘freer’ when my youngest grand started a full time kindergarden program. But time can always be filled with volunteering for something and caring for family. 💕


      1. Very true. I agree, they come first. Yes, I felt like I didn’t feel like I was “on” 24/7 and it felt good to pass the torch to them. When I knew they would be able to manage their lives, mine began. 🙂

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