The music box

There was something about a music box that always made me itch to force it open and look inside to see how it worked.

Once, at my aunt’s house, I saw an antique music box with a ballerina that moved round and round with music. Giving in to my curiosity, I tried to open the inner lid. And catastrophe happened. The figurine broke and I was left holding its upper part while the lower half was attached to the mechanism and was still rotating with the music.

My immediate action was to leave the scene of destruction and relocate. Unfortunately, there were witnesses. From that day onwards, I wasn’t allowed near any music box or even anything mechanical that could be broken by a six year old.


Written for FSS hosted by Fandango



45 thoughts on “The music box

  1. I think I had a ballerina music box – but it wasn’t a very expensive one and it got lost in one too many moves.
    I think they should have gotten you an electricity kit when you were older. Or given you something that was already broken so you could satisfy your curiosity needs rewarding at every age! 🙂

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