It’s cold outside – WQWWC # 47

Cold means a lot of things, most of them not pleasant. But sometimes we need to feel cold to appreciate the warmth.

Eyes that seek to find beauty
Never come back disappointed
Even in the worse of circumstances
They find wonder that awes them

“Being soaked alone is cold. Being soaked with your best friend is an adventure”

Emily Wing Smith,

Tough situations become bearable, and even fun when we have someone we love to share them. Family and friends lighten our burdens and make those moments easy to bear.

“So when you’re cold
From the inside out
And don’t know what to do,
Remember love and friendship,
And warmth will come to you”

Stephen Cosgrove

Remembering good times and the love that we have received from others makes it easy for us to go through hard times. Love forms a safety net that prevents us from falling in the deep void of darkness and depression. That’s why love is considered the most valuable asset we have.

I love 
Coming into the sunlight
On a cold winter day
When my hand are numb
And feet are freezing in my socks
The natural feeling of happiness
That cruises through our souls
When the cold is dissipated by the warmth
Pouring like love from the yellow sun


Written for WQWWC #47 – Cold, hosted by Marsha



53 thoughts on “It’s cold outside – WQWWC # 47

  1. I prefer fall to winter, though the first snow fall is exciting and invigorating like the joy of seeing your breath ride on the cold air. But your quote about sunshine in the winter is essential to our feeling of happiness, I think. I love the idea of friendship and warmth. That is what keeps us warm even on the coldest days, isn’t it? You’ve made some great points here, Sadje.

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  3. We had our first real snow fall today – the kind that sticks to the pavement and can make the roads slippery. It is that time of year and this year we are later in getting the white stuff. I loved all the quotes and especially your poem. Great stuff, Sadje.

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  4. Cold … kalt … froid…
    What does this word mean?
    It is cold. Give me some examples.
    Was bedeutet dieses Wort?
    Es ist kalt.
    Was verbinden Sie persönlich damit?
    Il fait froid. Imaginez-vous une situation ou une histoire personelle qui correspond à cette parase.

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