Forty Shades of Red.

I’m not a fan of all shades of red
While I love to wear blood red, tomatoes aren’t my favorite color. Neither can I stand too much of it in home decor. But red in nature is always beautiful and enticing. The red sky when the sun sets makes a lovely picture. Red flowers are the best even the one growing on thorny cacti.

Red fruits are excellent for our health. Many red fruits and veggies are loaded with powerful, healthy antioxidants — such as lycopene and anthocyanins — that may do everything from fight heart disease and prostate cancer to decrease the risk for stroke and macular degeneration

Red is the color of our blood, blood that joins us all humans. It gives us our skin tone! A very important fact to remember when people are discriminating each other on basis of skin color.

Written for Weekly Prompts hosted by Sue W and GC;

Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge – Forty Shades of Red

“More than any other colour, red is loaded for action.” ~ Robert Genn.

55 thoughts on “Forty Shades of Red.

  1. Very informative. The last point is so powerful, regarding discrimination.
    I believe strongly that O+ is the tastiest blood group and B+, the most repulsive. Not out of experience or anything, I’ve seen mosquitoes discriminating strongly 😜
    On a serious note, such a lovely post! 💗

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    1. Sam, I love your comment, it made me smile, I never thought of blood being tasty unless one happens to be a vampire. I’m A positive and there’s no doubt about it, I am a magnet for all insects that bite so I’m beginning to wonder if they like my choice of red wine!

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    2. Haha! Now your point needs to be researched very thoroughly. I think we should do a survey. Myself, I am A +. And get my fair share of mosquito bites. My young grandkids get far too many. Because, I thing their skin is soft and tasty! Thanks

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  2. Your thoughts on red were spot on. I can’t wear certain shades of red due to the colouring in my cheeks! that dahlia is the perfect red for me though. I really love your header photo of the birds flying across the sunset sky….WOW!

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  3. Red is also considered the color of power and love and in some Asian cultures, the color of good luck. I do like wearing red when I have an important meeting but my favorite color is blue. Great research for this prose, Sadje! It gives me (red) food for thought!

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    1. Thanks Irma. Yes, red is a color of passion and power. Most brides in my culture wear red on their wedding day. I myself going out that red fruits and vegetables are good for health, and eyes too.

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