Remembering my pastimes and toys I played with

Each week Maggie and Lauren ask us to think back to our childhood. This week they are asking what toys we played with and what were our hobbies/ pastimes!

Like girls my age, I loved playing with dolls. I had one which I kept for the longest time. My father brought it for me when he came back from America. It could blink and had long golden hair. I used to stitch clothes for it, made sweaters, caps and booties and even shoes for it. I think I outgrew it when I was about 13-14.

Other then playing with this doll, my favorite pastime was reading. I would read anything that I could. Another thing that I liked to do was making things with beads. I would make little pieces of jewelry or hair clips with beads and sell them to my class mates. As I grew older I convinced my father to let me buy a knitting machine. I made sweaters, scarves and caps for everyone. Making scarves with two front pockets was my specialty. I earned money by making them for my friends. But this was when I was around 18.

We were four siblings and most of our afternoons were spent playing outside. Hockey, cricket, football and cycling. We were allowed to play outside our homes too as there werenโ€™t and security risks in those times.

Thursday throwback prompt this week is: Toys and Pastimes. Hosted by Maggie and Lauren



37 thoughts on “Remembering my pastimes and toys I played with

  1. Sadly, kids today don’t have the freedom we had. We were always outside playing and exploring, rarely in our yards. Some days the only time we were home was for lunch and then out again until supper.

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    1. My grandma taught me to hand stitch dolls dresses. She was very good at it. We all went to British council library every week to get new books with our library cards. Thatโ€™s how I developed a taste for British literature.

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  2. Sadje, thank you for joining us again this week. You were very industrious making items to sell to your friends. My hand sewing skills were very primitive Iโ€™m afraid and I could never knit or crochet. I did try, though! What lovely memories.

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  3. I basically had three things I would play with. Cars (Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars), Lego (back when there were few sets and mainly just blocks and your imagination) and Barbie dolls (me and my sister had a lot of them) I love that you knitted sweaters… my mom tried to teach me to crochet, but I could never keep the stitches even. Do you have any of the old sweaters you made still or did you give them all away?

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