Laugh out loud to lighten the load that you carry. Cares and worries all take an insidious toll on our health and when we find something to laugh about we can blow them away with a roaring laugh.

I am a huge fan of spreading joy and laughter. When you smile at someone, they usually smile back at you. You both feel the joy a spontaneous smile brings to our hearts.

Telling jokes to make people laugh is a wonderful skill that I, unfortunately, don’t possess. But I can act the fool. Or pretend to. Sometimes I retell incidents with a humorous twist to make people laugh.

Always value those who make you laugh. They are a priceless treasure.

Written in response to Tale Weaver- Laughter, hosted by Stephanie Colpron



46 thoughts on “Laughter

  1. I tried to write a post for this prompt, but I got stuck when Stairway To Heaven entered my head and I was left with “and the forests will echo with laughter” and I just kept going around in circles till I quit.

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  2. Very wise quote. I especially agree with the last sentence. People who make us laugh are sacred.
    However, if someone suddenly smiles at me like this 😺, I return it very awkwardly and shyly, something more like this 🐸 Spontaneous laughs are cool though πŸ˜€
    If only people laughed more πŸ˜‰

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