Vaccinated? Going For A Booster?

Fandango Provocatively asks;

If you have already received your initial COVID-19 vaccinations, are you intending to get a booster shot when it becomes available to you? Why or why not? If you have yet to be vaccinated for COVID-19, are you intending to ever get vaccinated? Why or why not?

Funny that Fandango has asked this question today. I was going to get my booster yesterday. But it got late so today I’ll get my booster dose.

I got my first vaccine on 30th March and the second dose on 28th April. In Pakistan, most of us were vaccinated with Sinopharm, the Chinese vaccine. There was no reaction to either the first dose or to the second dose.

6 weeks after my second dose, I got the Covid antibodies tested and they were in the reactive range but not very impressive. I thought that since I take immunosuppressive meds, that’s why my antibodies were low. I am super careful while going out and always wear a mask.

So far, I have been lucky to have avoided getting sick with Covid. A few days back I had an appointment with my endocrinologist and he advised me to get the booster dose.

So today I will go and get it. I hope I don’t fall sick with it because this is a Pfizer one!

The reason I got vaccinated and am going to get a booster dose is simple;

Vaccination is the best protection we have against Covid. There hasn’t been a cure discovered against this virus but a vaccine can protect me from getting ill. Even if I catch the disease, it won’t land me in the intensive care or on a ventilator.


P S; got my vaccine today. So far no side effects.



115 thoughts on “Vaccinated? Going For A Booster?

  1. I’m having my flu jab Saturday and my Covid booster a week later! Not a pleasant experience for me as I have a fear of needles – even pictures of jabbings creep me out! Never have side effects though (he says with his fingers crossed!)

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  2. I’m so pleased to know that you got your booster, Sadje; and, I completely agree with you about why it is important. It’s just opening up here, and I should be able to get my booster early next year, I think.

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  3. I don’t understand why this subject seems to uncover so many feelings. How does anyone know for sure the right choice? I am just now in the recovery state of the Covid 19. At the at of 81, the doctors took a special interest in my case. I am told by others. I am home now from the hospital, but the medical people keep in touch with what I am doing.
    I am happy I don’t need ever the vaccination of which I had no confidence in. I don’t hate those of you who put your future in the vaccination, but why do you look at my decisions with disgust?
    I have natural, God-given immunity of which I will always be grateful for.

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    1. If you have “natural, God-given immunity,” why have millions of people around the globe, including 750,000 in the U.S. alone, died from COVID-19? Aren’t we all God’s children? Why is he protecting you and leaving so many other of his children unprotected?

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    1. If you don’t fall in the vulnerable category, you don’t need a booster. The problem with Covid I’d that it mutates rapidly and vaccinated people can still get it, though it’s usually not that serious


  4. I’ve had my jabs but Australia is still deciding about boosters. On a similar note I now have a good old fashioned cold, but I’m masked up and hoping not to spread it around 🙂

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  5. I would go for it. I was trying to explain to someone who is very anti anything the “left” are for, lol. I reminded them that there are people who are having to take medications and have to “jab” themselves every day to keep alive. I think we can get a booster shot a year.

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  6. Yay. Congrats on getting ur vaccine. I got the Pfizer vaccine but the booster dose isn’t available in Lebanon. We have bigger problems here. It was a miracle the 1st and 2nd doses were available to begin with, what with the electricity outages and medicine shortages and prices skyrocketing. If a booster dose becomes available, I probably won’t take it unless my entire family take it 1st (it’s what I did with the 1st 2 doses).

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  7. I had Covid before we had vaccines. It was rough. I was the only one who got sick because my husband camped out with the kids on the lawn for the two weeks I was sick.

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                    1. Sadje, in your opinion, if someone got one shot of the vaccine, regardless of the vaccine of choice or availability, however, that person monitored his or her diet and took all appropriate health supplements, do you think that said person could get by one one shot and not require a booster? I am not seeking an absolute answer. Generic thoughts are perfectly fine with me.

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                    2. If it’s the first shot, another after 4 weeks is essential. The booster after 6 months is also needed to maintain the immunity the first 2 doses make in the body. Just one vaccine is of no use.


                    3. Very rarely it happens. If they have been vaccinated successfully against childhood diseases then there is no risk because those vaccines are developed on similar principles


      1. Sadje, I have not taken that vaccine or any of the other Covid-19 vaccines. My comment was related to my having high hopes for its being a viable option, however, there have been multiple stories about bad experiences with it that causes me some concern.

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        1. I have not heard any thing adverse about it and millions upon millions have received this vaccine in my country. The rate of infection has dropped beyond 2% and finally we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel.


                    1. Sadje, I have never tried this, nor do I think I ever will, however, what are your thoughts regarding the mixing and matching of the vaccines and subsequent boosters? I am not advocating for it, however, what would it mean if someone was able to tolerate the Pfizer but got the Moderna as the booster? Or the Johnson and Johnson with the booster being Astrazeneca?

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                    2. As all vaccines are going to induce the human body to make antibodies against this virus, they all can and do work. I got my first 2 shots of Chinese vaccine and the subsequent boosters of Pfizer. There was no ill effect.


                    3. That’s true but they cannot do research for all 8+ billion people. Besides there haven’t been any adverse effects that have been reported in my country, where people have received so many different vaccines, from manufacturers all over the world.


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