Don’t be a follower, be a leader

Don’t follow others without a solid reason

Where will you end up if you follow blindly?

The “leader” may be an incompetent jackass

And you may end up buried in deep snow


Weejars is the host of MLMM- Photo Challenge

Photo credit One Big Photo




42 thoughts on “Don’t be a follower, be a leader

  1. Sadje, I don’t follow others much except for starting out since I had such a health problem and working a day labor job was all I could do. I stuck around a couple of days and had to change to another job like working on engines which helped me to show others how I would do, and this is how I have been blogging since. I check on other people to find if anything I say interests them & bringing my thoughts to what is already been said. As I have learned that following is only for so long, then becoming a leader is better after you get knowledge about what your real job entails. I really liked your post and reading all the replies. Thanks so much!

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