Valuable Mistakes

Mistakes are the greatest teachers.

Until and unless we make mistakes, we cannot learn how to do things right.

If we compare successful people to those who aren’t that successful in life, the main difference would be that those who succeed, make mistakes and then learn how not to do things like that again.

I have made many mistakes in life, like everyone else. I’m not a fast learner so I make a mistake many times before the lesson is driven home. The best lesson I learned was not to trust everyone when I made this mistake once too many times.

Someone who I thought was a good and trusted friend was the one who taught me this lesson. As she was my friend for a long time, I used to share my problems with her. But slowly I realized that she was talking to others about my issues. It took me a while but I finally figured it out and then I started keeping her at an arm’s distance.

Another mistake that taught me a valuable lesson was not to have expectations. Having expectations spoil relationships because what we expect from others is never close to what we get. Since I rectified this mistake of mine, I have improved my relationship with my siblings and immediate family. I don’t allow myself to expect them to do anything for me. If they do something kind I am very pleased and if they don’t, I am happy too.

Written for;

Tale Weaver prompt hosted by Stephanie Colpron



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