Rory asks – Connecting and recalling

An interesting set of questions from Rory

The Main Questions For you However are …

How do you remember moments in your life – what is your process for bringing your memories back to life?

I think!

Okay that’s an obvious answer. But frankly when I do try to remember something specific, my mind goes all blank. But when I am chatting with someone about olden days I can recall a lot of things. If you ask me to name a song or a movie or a book with a certain theme, I am usually lost. That’s why I don’t take part in n music challenges.

So I’d say for me the best way to remember is to talk about it to someone.

Do you think the memories you have of your life from your yesterdays are an honest recollection – or do you think that they change with every re-telling?

I have seen this so many times that the memories are colored by how we felt about that incident. For myself, I think that since I always try to be unbiased, the recollections are more or less as it happened. Or I like to think so!

in your opinion how deep is your long term memory?

My long term memory for some things is very good and for others, it’s not that good. For example if I smell freshly frying French fries, I’m taken back almost 56-57 years back when we lived in Mangla, where Americans were constructing a dam. They had their colony where we lived as well. They had a bar/ bowling alley where we used to go! But ask me the name of someone I studied with mere 30-35 days ago and I draw a blank.

What are some of your very first memories?

I remember when I was around 3 that I was investigating a hole in the wall when a lot of wasps came out of there and bit me on my face. Then around the same time, I was messing with my father’s razor blade by holding it in my hand. I got cuts on my fingers. I don’t remember the pain but that I was given a pampering because both my hands were bandaged.



29 thoughts on “Rory asks – Connecting and recalling

  1. What a lovely reflective post, Sadje. Memory is a funny think. I am often surprised at things I can remember from long ago, and then equally surprised at things I cannot remember from just moments ago. Haha. 😁 Thank you for sharing.

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  2. Sometimes, having a good long term memory can be a curse. You remember even 12 years ago like yesterday and the thought of how time has flown just overwhelms you to a sickening amount! Atleast my experience. The wasp incident is 🥺 You poor little baby! Can imagine how you would have cried.

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  3. Good answers Sadje. Although l think your memory has improved quite significantly in the last couple of years especially with your blogging routine. Good exercise.

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  4. There are just some memories that stick better than others… I think my earliest memory involved a prank. My uncle had gotten a bag you put under a pillow and when you lay on it it gave off this horrendous laughter. My sister put it under my pillow one night and scared the heck out of me. I was crying so hard… and if I recall a number of my family were laughing at me. I would guess I was probably 4 or so.

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