Halloween for me

Halloween is celebrated on the last weekend of October. But mostly in western culture. Till a few years back we, living in Pakistan had a very faint idea of what this was all about.

Then the influence of the west, movies, etc prompted our younger generation to start celebrating Halloween. Mostly the affluent class of people try to emulate the west. We can find costumes and special candy packs for Halloween. But only the kids in schools actively participate, while the indulgent parents facilitate them.

I personally have no inclination to frighten myself silly by reading scary stories or watching Halloween-based movies. It’s an alien culture for us and I don’t get the logic behind it at all. But then I guess the other side of the picture is true too. We do a lot of things here in an eastern culture that don’t make sense to others, as well.

No creepy ghosts to spoil my night
No spooky stories to make my hair stand
I spend my Halloween safely tucked in my bed
Dreaming peaceful dreams and ignoring the shrieks outside


Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Halloween – October 28, 2021

Thursday Inspiration by Jim; Anything to do with Halloween




60 thoughts on “Halloween for me

  1. Such a lovely poem! “Safely tucked in bed oblivious of the sounds outside” basically sums it up. I’m not a fan of spooking around either, but it does seem like fun because of the candieees 🤩🤩🤩

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  2. It is a weird holiday all around. Adult women and teen girls use it as an excuse to wear ridiculously skimpy “costumes” that aren’t even scary, just revealing. There’s nothing spooky about pretending to be a sexy cat! And the idea children going to strangers, homes to get candy after constantly telling them to beware of strangers… what’s up with that? It’s really very illogical. But I do love pumpkins! 🎃

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  3. Halloween is as much about Trick or Treating as it is about getting dressed in a costume. The candy aspect is great for kids and not so much for their parents and getting dressed in a costume never goes out of style. When I was in Brazil Halloween was just getting popular and I got invited to a party and I met this seamstress who made a costume for me and I had a lot of fun.

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      1. Hahaha. No, just some tea, my warm blankets, and, maybe a book, some writing, or a documentary. I did trick or treating with the boys when they were young. Alas, they are grown now. Of course, I’ll have some candy around in case any little ones come by….🎃

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  4. I love Halloween as I have fond memories of me and my mum, dressed as witches, brewing up potions. And I enjoy the dressing up and parties with my children and think it can help make monsters less scary. But I’ve never been too sure about trick or treating; they were lucky my husband always indulged them! I used to think it was an American tradition but actually goes back to the Ancient Celts.

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  5. I honestly do not get the penchant for horror movies. I never liked the genre. There’s more than enough real life stuff that can scare me to death! I do love seeing little kids dressed up though, so there are elements of Halloween that I do enjoy, but definitely not the horror aspects.

    Love your poem. I like to spend Halloween safe in my bed as well. 🙂

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  6. Understandably, Halloween means different things to different people, no matter what their culture. I think of Halloween as a whimsical and festive time of the year set in autumn scenes. It used to be a time for children to have fun but times have changed. I love your poem and agree 100%!

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  7. Different traditions… when we share we can learn. I wrote my piece about the Jack O’ Lantern’s history.
    Which many I’m sure don’t know either. I’m not much for scary anything anymore. Though some cultures celebrate and respect the dead in many different ways. Some ‘modern’ traditions are very much man made. As perhaps are some old ones too.

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  8. I hope you had a nice safe Halloween in bed. It has gotten a bit overinflated here I think. Keep the kids and trick or treating – they look great in their costumes, but I can take or leave the rest.

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