The secret to a successful blog

Anyone who starts a blog, naturally wants it to be a success. Well, some would deny this, but most of us want what we write to be read, liked, and commented upon by others. Preferably, many many others.

So what is the secret?

I have been blogging for a little more than three years. And I will share with you what I think is the secret. Some may not agree with me but in my opinion, they are;

Write original content;

Don’t emulate others. Create your own style and content. Don’t think that it has to be a certain way to appeal to others. Like-minded people will find your blog and appreciate the originality.

Write in plain, simple to understand language;

I wrote about this previously as well. I think writing that is easily understood is always a winner. Prose or poetry, write everything clearly and plainly. It’s more effective than flowery language which is hard to understand on the first reading.

Create a feeling of camaraderie;

Create camaraderie among the blogosphere by visiting those blogs that you follow and leaving thoughtful comments on their posts. This I think is the most important step in making your blog popular and successful. Responding to comments left on your site is equally important. If you don’t build up the relationship between yourself and other bloggers, you cannot make a success of your blog.

Get to know your fellow bloggers;

It is important to get to know other bloggers. You can do this by reading their posts carefully and noting the information they share about themself. When you do this you’ll get a better understanding of the other bloggers as a person and it becomes easy to relate to the person behind the blog if you know more about them.

Check spam messages regularly;

Check the spam regularly so that no valid comment ends up in spam. People aren’t happy when we don’t reply to their comments. And one reason for that could be that their comments are ending in spam.

These are a few secrets of creating a successful and rewarding blog. You’ll be happy writing content that gives you satisfaction and sharing it with other like-minded people. And at the same time, you’ll create a community of bloggers who are like friends to you!




185 thoughts on “The secret to a successful blog

  1. Wise, my friend. I agree with them all, and have found that visiting the blogs I follow and being an active participant in whatever capacity I am able, is the most rewarding for growing my blog and is personally fulfilling. Thanks for sharing, Sadje!

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      1. Oh, feeling elated actually! My university has recently awarded me a distinguished honor. The recognition ceremony was lovely. I was also selected to be a coauthor for a book by a publisher. It’s amazing feeling to share a story amongst thirty other interesting people. Although it’s available on Amazon, I haven’t done a book launch yet. I contemplate on what is the safest approach during the pandemic.

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  2. Great advice Sadje, but in all honesty I’m happier with my 63 followers who read my posts that I ever was with my 1000+ followers who never stopped by.

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  3. I just wrote my rant lol the other day I actually think you did see it. It really is that important I felt petty as I wrote it I wasn’t even going to publish. I’m like come on your 29 grow up 🤣🤣. However it’s a thing! Not even for a person to be successful at something it’s to also build more then just a blog. It’s building character it’s learning people the different personalities that come with the array of people. Relating to others is important I found myself recently hence why I even did the entire rant blog. I kinda like felt some way about it when someone writes a blog isn’t the purpose to do all these things?. If it’s not then I’m not entirely sure what the purpose of their making of a blog is then. I’m like okay? I’m interacting with this person and they are just straight up lol liking my comments it’s almost leaving me on a read message. 😅 I tend to leave comments almost open ended to where we can both interact more! Or relate. Nope she didn’t take the open conversation invite lol

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  4. I keep doing this. Including what I’m doing on your post. I read it well and took the contents.

    Leave comments relevant to the post. Continue to interact with those who comment.

    One that I often forget. Check comment spam. I’ve missed quality comments several times because they went to spam first.

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  5. loved the post and the post comments. such great camaraderie is hard to find elsewhere and that’s why i keep coming back to wordpress….best wishes everyone, and may each of you find renewed energy and inertia to pursue your dreams, will always keep cheering you on, so do plug in in case you need a dose of motivation, anytime.

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  6. This is a helpful post. Followers were actually became more active to visit your site if you are also active responding to them. 🙂 I appreciated the people I followed and they replied to me.

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  7. This really helped. now I understand the concept of blogging better.I am a new blogger and I don’t know how to find my way around. Thank you so much for this lovely post🤩🤩

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  8. This is very key Sadje and I like that you pointed out that your blog must be original by creating your own style and content.

    For example I’m a fashionista, I love style and dressing up so I created my own blog – Mens Fashion & Style by Mthobisi

    Good advice here again🙌

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  9. Thank you for sharing your wisdom after 3 years of blogging (compared to my fledgling 2 months in this industry, you’re more than qualified to offer advice!). Anyway, your post provided me with some validation about my “freshman efforts” at this whole blogging thing. I think I use it for self-therapy, so that qualifies as following rule number 1, right? Please school this newbie 54-year-old❣️

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    1. You’re welcome my friend. I believe that we should share whatever knowledge we acquire through our own experiences. Writing for self therapy is indeed a good reason to write. And I think many of us do that even if ww don’t say so.

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  10. This is a really nice post. Although most people are just ok with a few comments,likes and no sponsored posts, others are not and it really just depends on you. Also, not putting your heart in the money earned but in what you posted is another key to success and satisfaction. Thanks so much for sharing this!

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  11. Excellent inputs on how to do blogging and how to keep our posts as simple and easy for other bloggers to read. One important thing is always appreciate each and every blogger to keep our friendship going on and commenting on their posts. They too feel so nice and the flow goes on. Thank you for the post.

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