Questions and Answers

Asking questions is important, but so is to listen to the answers. We often ask questions but ignore when they are answered. In our righteousness, we angrily demand answers to the various issues that plague our lives but we don’t give people enough space to explain their point of view. We make snap judgments and presume what the other side of the argument is, without listening to it!

A fair exchange of views is always important to maintain an atmosphere of friendliness in society.

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41 thoughts on “Questions and Answers

  1. Too many people listen only to respond, which is not true listening. I can almost see the wheels turning as they imagine their response. Active listening is a skill not many people have mastered. But the ones who have make us feel safe and acknowledged. Great post, Sadje.

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  2. So so very wise. Wish more people had that mindset. “In our righteousness, we angrily demand answers to the various issues that plague our lives but we don’t give people enough space to explain their point of view.” Exactly! It’s very unsettling when someone demands an explanation and upon being given it, they say “don’t justify yourself.” Especially school teachers when they ask a student “why” they scored low in a particular exam. But they won’t let the child answer 😅 I really liked your take on this prompt.

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  3. Okay so lol this is my really not so good impulsive ways. When In a argument or even discussion as most people we are all set with our own values, morals, ethics and beliefs. Some stay firm to theirs some try and convert or persuade. I never let someone finish especially within arguments especially if it’s something I know is 1000% correct. It’s not about being right i don’t know maybe it is?. I just hate it when someone when you know it’s true facts try and say otherwise lol. I am actually working on this! It’s one of my goals I set for myself this year. To allow people to express themselves and then wait my turn. I know as a kid my parents I don’t want to make it seem weren’t like great lol they definitely were my mom and dad both were great. I didn’t have it easy not at all and with all the chaos I always felt kinda not heard. So in my adult life I couldn’t even figure out why I must explain myself. I went to therapy and well because I’m never heard until I snap. It’s a thing I thought I’m being dramatic but throughout my life especially during my hard times. I would get asked what is the problem I would tell them directly what the problem is I do not beat around the bush. When I feel that sense of I need to be heard as things are not good and I need important people in my life to know this they don’t listen till things get even worse. Then that’s when they wanna hear me out and then kinda go “ well why didn’t you say that?” Or “you could have asked for help?”. I did lmao nobody was listening. I did love your last 2 blogs! These I enjoy. Sorry for ranting lol it’s been a early morning 😂

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    1. I agree with you that when we are convinced that we are right, it’s hard to listen to counter arguments. But in all fairness we should give others a chance to tell what they think. Sometimes I’ve surprised myself by changing my opinion.
      As for elders not letting children express their opinions, that’s not a good policy. Everyone should be allowed y to express themselves. Your feedback is very much appreciated. Thanks


    1. Yes, that’s true. When we harbor negativity about someone through our previous interaction with them, it colors all our future interactions too. We need to step back and try to neutralize our emotions.

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      1. Yes! I wish I would’ve known what I know now. I always felt differently from other kids or even now adults my age. I knew how I was acting wasn’t appropriate however I truly did not know how to handle them or even bring myself back down. I would think all the time so negative it has even impacted my relationships tough I use my ex’s and think they are all gonna do the same basically projecting with no evidence lol. I have to thank you for not minding me and my lengthy comments I enjoyed this boy and the other one too. Hope to see more of these 🥰🥰

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          1. Well I have been in recovery for almost 6 years. It definitely takes much time plus attention. I am doing things differently then before all the suggestions I never took I’m taking that kind of thing. I haven’t yet even after 6 years with therapy even before that get to the negative parts to close out those chapters. Slowly and reassuringly I will though. Yes thank you for listening 🥰🥺🥺

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