Clever hands or trippy feet

I used to be very proud of my hands. Slim fingers, nice oval long nails, soft smooth skin and clever at drawing and writing. Though they still are in good working condition, they aren’t pretty anymore. The skin has aged, the fingers are stubby now instead of slim and though the nails are still long and oval, they have ridges on them and break easily.

Or should I write an ode to my feet?

I have flat feet and perhaps have a world record of tripping everywhere. But what an asset to have feet that carry my weight everywhere. I walk many miles a week and all the weight is put on these flat feet, who also have arthritis to make things difficult for them.

I cannot decide who is the winner here. I think both are important in their own way. And I am blessed to have both set of extremities in working condition.


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35 thoughts on “Clever hands or trippy feet

  1. How bittersweet it was to read this! From pretty hands to more “experienced” hands. Perhaps work-hardened too. There is beauty to both, in different ways.
    Flat feet are not fun at all! 😦 People with flat feet have an unfair disadvantage in sports. I don’t have flat feet but I think I might compete with you in the record for tripping 😉

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  2. You’ve just described my hands/nails, although they have always been too large for my body and were stretched to the limit by playing the piano.

    In my 30’s, I used to visit one of my husband’s relatives. She had diamonds on her fingers the size of a large pea. Her hands and knuckles were knarled. I often wondered if she knew how “horrible” it looked. Now that mine resemble hers, I understand that her rings were part of her life story, a reminder of love, loss, and a life well lived.

    As irony would have it, I had to give all my jewelry to my daughter when I was in my 40’s when I developed an allergy to metal against my skin.

    Strange how Karma works. 😏

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      1. I work around people with disabilities. Some can’t walk, some can’t move anything but their hands, others have difficulty with learning or dealing with people. Every day I’m thankful to God for the abilities and differences I’ve been given.

        If everyone could see the courage inside people who struggle to live as normally as possible, more people would be thankful for hands, feet, and a body that responds when we tell it to walk, talk, type, and think.

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  3. My hands were pretty, but age has changed that. Now, they are old and wrinkled with crooked fingers due to arthritis. My feet have bone spurs, so not attractive at all. No complaints, though. I am blessed with body parts that all do what they are supposed to do.

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