Shopping- Online or in-person?

Fandango, provocatively asks;

During the height of the pandemic, to what extent did you avail yourself of online shopping for meals, groceries, and other goods and services? If you did use online shopping and delivery services, now that things have eased up a bit, has your reliance on or use of such service continued at the same rate, increased, or decreased. To what extent?

When the news of the pandemic hit the headlines, I was in Seattle, planning to stay with my daughter and grandson for 2-3 months.

Since I wasn’t a permanent citizen of America, I didn’t have health insurance and my daughter was very worried about me. She told me not to go to any store and she set up an online grocery app through which we would order grocery from any of the nearby stores and bring it inside after sterilizing them.

I stayed in Seattle for six months, the maximum that I was allowed to stay on my B1-B2 visa. And till I came back, we were ordering both grocery and takeout through various apps.

Now things are better, and I do my grocery shopping in person, fully masked and maintaining distance from others. I think it’s become a second nature to be wary of people around me. I order food in if I am feeling lazy and rarely we go out to eat but prefer to sit outdoors, away from people.




43 thoughts on “Shopping- Online or in-person?

  1. Since the pandemic I have used online ordering much more. Here we are in a state of flux on outdoor gatherings at the moment. I do go grocery now, but I still do a far bit of ordering online even now.
    My use of online shopping and delivery has certainly increased.

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        1. We used to order toilet paper, tissue paper, shampoo and other toiletries as a matter of routine before the pandemic, but afterwards, it was too expensive to get those from Amazon


      1. I hear these sites are taking larger cuts, and not passing on sufficient profits to the retailer. However, retailers had no other option but to sell online, so they continue. It’s happening with our foodtech apps here like Swiggy and Zomato too.

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    1. It was difficult, more so because of the uncertainty. There were travel restrictions and in fact no flight to Pakistan from Seattle!
      The craze of going out every weekend has been dampened down for us all.

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  2. I do my own grocery shopping, but most of my other purchases are online, mostly via Amazon. And when we feel like eating out, we usually order via online apps like DoorDash and have the meals delivered.

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    1. I don’t think this is going away any time soon with all the new variants popping up! But you’re right that humans have a short memory span and even lesser ability to learn lessons


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  4. Covid has helped a lot of businesses see the value of working online. I suppose it comes down to marketing your website and being able to get seen. I still see people at the grocery store wearing mask. Im sure it’s all over and not just here in America.

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    1. Covid has benefited some businesses too. Online delivery services are one of them. Over here we cannot enter a store without mask. I feel it’s a good thing.


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