Do you have a filter?

Kids are naive, there is no filter on either their words or thoughts. But as they grow up, they are taught to put filters on their words. They may think things but they should not say what ever is on their minds.

We program our children like we were programmed. Think before you speak is one of the advice frequently given to us and then given by us to the young ones.

Is it right though?

Are we teaching hypocrisy to our kids? We may not like someone but we have to keep our feelings hidden to not offend them. If we blurt out the truth by mistake, we end up in hot water.

Growing up changes us. We lose the naivety and innocence of our childhood and learn tact. We learn to be diplomatic and filter our words before uttering them. We learn that being polite is more important than being truthful. And we also learn that someone who always says what they think is generally quite unpopular.

Do you put filters on your speech? Or words?

I do because this is what I’ve been taught!

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78 thoughts on “Do you have a filter?

      1. I can’t speak for anyone else but certainly I’m aware that the truth can hurt people so there is always a filter, do I want to hurt them?
        That goes right the way up to Mrs Bump. There are a zillion things I don’t tell her.

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        1. We are programmed to not tell or hear the truth about a lot of things, specially to family and friends. As I said if we weren’t bright up like that, maybe truth wouldn’t hurt people.

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  1. I think you lose the filter as you get older. My mum had no filter when she over seventy, and would just say what she wanted to say. Part of me thinks I wish I had some of her courage the other steers well clear. Mum would show her opinion in front of people. I would say, ‘you can’t say that,’ and she would look at me with no shame like a teenager when they say things.

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  2. Yes, of course. It’s part of being an adult. Those who announce their “brutal honesty” are giving us a warning to avoid them, which I tend to do. They’re also the type to give opinions when not asked…

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      1. there are many different reactions, few really appreciate it, some a quite embarrassed by it and most are totally uncomfortable with it … the world is just not used to it! But I don’t like ‘games’ and all these ‘white lies’ means the truth is seldom spoken … and how sad is that!

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  3. Yes we should all be filtered. We were doing fine here in the US until a certain someone, unfiltered of course, i.e Trump, came along now half the country believes they can say what they want whenever they want regardless of how cruel and nasty it is. They do this claiming it’s their ‘right’ 😦

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    1. Even the most sincere words can hurt sometimes. As my daughter once said to me that telling her that I meant well carried no weight with her. She said that only God knows what is my intent and to others, only the action and results matter. So I have learned to think well before I open my mouth.

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  4. I definitely do not. I know when to act right obviously lol. I do believe we have become “sugar coated” to the max that people now almost get offended if you even yawn wrong. It literally has become that ridiculous you have to walk on eggshells. Not everything is sunshine and rainbows or having it their way. Sometimes I think we have became less filtered in needed situations that handling the reality instead of the fairytale they created is to much. We should not have to worry so much if saying a opinion something so simple might just upset someone. There is a way to be unfiltered and mindful all at the same time with practice. I don’t think someone should have to feel they have to apply a filter and vice verse. I really do think it’s a little over the top with some stuff. For example taking paw patrol off tv because police brutality. Not taking away from a super serious subject and event that happened but what does a kids show have to do with it? I just can’t follow that line of thought and how the heck it’s offensive.

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    1. You’re absolutely spot on. Where we need sensitivity, we are often oblivious and where no filter is needed we are extra careful of giving offense. Thanks for sharing your thoughts

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      1. Honestly I wasn’t going to lol I was gonna keep it to myself 😅 for the reasons I have already stated above. It’s a very ah fine line with this kinda thing. Even with my own friends when they are saying things I said it’s probably not a good idea to do. Yes I get super annoyed as it’s repeated behaviors however what can I do?. I do not think someone should ever invalidate themselves their thoughts & feelings there is a cushion on how to fall with what someone can be said so all partie(s) feel they are heard. I think too that is another issue not hearing someone enough kinda jumping the gun. Even with children especially with children actually if a continued pattern of not allowing them to be heard will have some serious future consequences. It does change someone chemically in the brain to respond much more negatively then they should much later on. Communication is really key expression no matter what or who it’s gonna suit some things are just not for everyone we have to be ok with it.

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          1. Oh I’ll go over and check that one out too 😅. I kinda think me and you do blogs super similar. It might seem to others ok where is this going?. The one blog always leads into the other just a broken down version.

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