A bet gone astray

Josh and Willie were arm wrestling for a bet. People around them were betting on who would win and they were cheering their chosen opponent on.

Josh was the muscular guy and Willie was the skinny one, but Willie had something Josh didn’t have. He had a plan. He resisted the pressure from Josh till the end when he feigned weakness. Josh moved in for the final victory when Willie suddenly came up with extra strength and won the bet.

Now you can buy me that beer”, he said to Josh. But Josh was a sore loser. He grabbed the money off the table and in the process upturned it. “You cheated”, he shouted as he made for the door.

The people who had placed bets on them weren’t going to let him take their money too. They gave him a black eye and he left empty-handed.


Fandango is the host of Fandango Flash Fiction Challenge

The photo below is from Gratisography @ Pexels.com.

For the visually challenged writer, the photo shows two men armwrestling and there is money on the table.

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