Frustrated Writers- Turned Monster!

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” A non writing writer is a monster courting insanity.” — Franz Kafka


My personal opinion here is that this may apply to seriously committed writers, not bloggers like me.

I think this quote addresses the soul of an artist who for some reason stops creating.

A painter who knows he has a masterpiece hidden in his brain but is unable to bring it out on canvas, or a musician who has a melody humming in his soul but refusing to be played are the sort of people who can turn into a crazed person because of the frustration.

A talented writer needs to write. Though there are instances when a wonderfully gifted author just wrote one masterpiece during their lifetime, most of them are prolific writers. They produce book after book, all maintaining the high standard that people expect of them. And when any one of them faces circumstances where they are unable to write, they may experience extreme frustration.

Though I do hope that they don’t turn into crazed monsters!

Bloggers are a different kettle of fish. They can take it or leave it. Most bloggers write for fun or with a desire to share their life experiences. Though there are some bloggers here who are published authors as well, but others here are mostly blogging as a hobby. I know many bloggers who took long breaks from writing, but came back sound in mind (without turning into monsters ) to resume their blogging.

So while this quote may apply to people who are committed authors, we the ordinary bloggers are unlikely to face this fate!


Thank you so much Tanya for this thought provoking quote.



38 thoughts on “Frustrated Writers- Turned Monster!

  1. I agree there is a difference between blogging for pleasure or purpose, and professional authors who regularly publish books etc. The urge to write, to communicate with a crucible of words, is a hunger that is never satisfied unless one is writing –whether writing as a hobby, or as a profession or both. I don’t know if I have explained what I mean clearly, but there you have it. 😊
    A thought provoking topic Sadje, adeptly handled on your part. Cheers

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  2. I don’t know if I agree with the quote but I definitely agree with your answer. The distinction is clear and it matters to serious writers more than it would to people who do it for leisure. I also believe all artists deserve a break, but sometimes one would feel tempted to quit, in which case it might become something close to “monstrous.” A lot of artistic energy wasted is no good after all!

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  3. There are crazed writers who weren’t entirely sane before they began writing and weren’t entirely “right” in the head even when they WERE writing. There are a lot of crazy people out there in the wild world and some of them are artists, writers and other creative people. The rest of them are probably either politicians or mass murderers. I don’t think that any amount of deprivation from writing would make me that kind of crazy.

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  4. I know I would never be an author of books. I like to say what comes to mind in a few words and be done. I definitely wouldn’t like the pressure to excel and succeed that serious writers face.


  5. Suzette is correct, it is a hunger, that drives more than the physical need for food, but it takes time to learn the craft, and during the ‘resting’ period between drafts, many have counseled shorter forms of writing. That is what I use my blog for, while I work on my longer pieces of writing.
    Best regards in Service, and please stay safe,,

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  6. An astute answer, Sadje. I like to write and sometimes I feel compelled to write, but while it does make me feel good, not writing would not turn me into a monster or drive me insane. Maybe because I do it for fun and not for a living.

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    1. Thanks Fandango! That I think is the distinction, we do it for fun while a proper write makes a living out of it. I’ve only ever made $ 34 out of my blog before I turned off the word ads.

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  7. Hi everyone, I’m new with WordPress and I write short stories told by little things around us (like a scrunchy, lollipop and the moon 😂) but anyways, do check it out if u like! 🥰

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  8. I don’t know … the more I think about the quote the more I think I can agree to it on a certain level. I began writing in my teens to “get the words and emotions out” in a productive way. As with a lot of teens I had a lot of angsty poetry. But I found when life took over and I had little time to write it bottled up inside to a degree. And now after more than 40 years of writing to get the words out I can see getting a little like “a monster courting insanity” when I haven’t had that expression in a while, especially during stressful times.

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