Collections that I collected!

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This week’s prompt is: Collections – Take this prompt wherever it leads you.


I remember collecting many things as a child but the nature of collection changed very often. Some days it was beads that I collected so that I could make small pieces of jewelry from them, and then I would switch over to paper dolls and their dresses. But the only permanent collection was of books.

I started with Enid Blyton and at one time I had all of her books available in the stores. It included old books shops, in fact these shops were the major source of my books.

As I grew, the titles of the books that I collected changed too. I fell in love with historical romances writing very cleverly by British author, Georgette Heyer. Then there was Barbra Cartland, Conan Doyal, Victor Canning, Alister MacLean, and many more. I could afford to buy their books second hand and had quite a big collection.

Over the years I added to this library and when my kids grew up, they added their own favorites. Until a few years ago, we had many bookcases filled with our beloved books. But when we moved 4- 5 years back to our latest homes, we decided to down-scale our library. Now we have two smallish book shelves and have given away many books.

The scarcity of space is one factor. Another is the ease of carrying and reading ebooks. Perhaps it’s the need of time to downsize personal possessions.

I can say that I’ve enjoyed my book collection for many years and I hope those books are still giving joy to someone out there.




29 thoughts on “Collections that I collected!

  1. Books are such a wonderful thing to collect because they give us so much in return. Unfortunately, they do require a lot of space. I know every time we move, the books are always in question. We downsized some when we retired. Hubby was convinced he would re-read all his favorite books, but that did not happen! He does buy more e-books now, but we have added to our collection of books just the same. Thanks for joining in again this week, Sadje.

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    1. There are some benefits to ebooks. You can carry as many as you want, you can read at night without disturbing anyone and you can increase the font of the writing to minimize the strain on the eyes.


  2. I used to collect lots of books. However, the ease of ebooks and storing them online has been a godsend for me. Now my little collections are virtual and I can search through them for what I need. I did not like reading books electronically at first, I must admit. However, in time I have come to enjoy not have to move around a whole pile of paper books to find what I need. Ah, technology…love or hate relationships

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    1. This is very valid, the ease of use and the lack of need of a big space to store the books. I now love my kindle. And for people like me living in 3rd world countries, buying latest books on kindle is way easier than buying a paperback.


  3. I gave most of my books away. I used to go to the library to get books, but when the pandemic came, that wasn’t possible, so I started reading e-books. I have gotten used to e-books, but I do miss the feel of a “real” book.

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  4. There are a few books that I have read more than once and would reread again. Those I will never part with, but I am starting to read more ebooks. I just miss that feel of the paper and the weight of the book.

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