Sunday Poser # 50- Time charge- Yes or No?

It’s week 50 of Sunday Poser!!!!

My question this week is;

What do you feel about the bi-annual time change?

While I lived in America, the changing of time twice a year was very confusing for me. It wasn’t that I was unfamiliar with the concept, or why it was introduced but experiencing it firsthand was different.

It was disorienting to say the least. Adding an extra hour to the day or taking it away would seriously mess up the body rhythm. I also faced another problem due to the change in time. As a Muslim, I offer prayers 5 times a day, and the timings are determined by the position of the sun. So whatever the clock said, I would have to get up at the time of the prayer. And in Ramadan, we were getting up at 2:00 am to fast.

I have had conversations with many people living in America who weren’t happy with this practice.

What are your views on the time change?

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66 thoughts on “Sunday Poser # 50- Time charge- Yes or No?

  1. I am okay with time change having lived this way most of my adult life. My only challenge is being too early for work on the following using my alarm clock Monday. However, switching to my cell phone as my alarm solved that little inconvenience.

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  2. I do not like it at all! Leave the time the way it is and deal with whatever light or dark there is. Seriously, what purpose does it really serve anyway? Thankfully, phones automatically reset time now and so do new appliances, so it’s not so much of an issue.

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  3. I really don’t like the time zone changes, and there are a few places in the US that don’t do the time change which really makes it confusing. With blogging when groups meet it is also confusing as we’re international and open at 3pm EST but the time doesn’t change in other places. Also for scheduling zoom live meetings across international borders.

    silly humans think
    they can change time on a whim
    oh how the sun laughs

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  4. We have this in South Australia, but not all states turn their clocks. I quite like it, but then we lived in a farming community, where it had a practical use

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  5. Until we bought the boat, it used to confuse the hell out of Maggie. These days it doesn’t make a lot of difference to how we go about our daily routine, so if it didn’t happen in the UK, it wouldn’t worry us.

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  6. I’m not a fan. The time changes are a relic of another time. In fact, I lived in Arizona for quite some time, and they are one of only two states, I think, that does not participate in the time changes. I heard something a little while ago that there had been discussions in political realms about doing away with them; though I’ve not researched that myself. Have a wonderful week, Sadje.

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