5 ways of Beating Pandemic Blues

Tanya is the host of 5 Things for Tuesday

5 Things Tuesday – Beating the Pandemic Blues


In no particular order;


I walked for two hours daily. It was a time for thinking. Reflecting on life, mine, and of those around me. Walking gave me a chance to observe people around me too. Families, students, seniors were all trapped in that scenario and how they were reacting.


Blogging was a sanity saver. I would read blogs, reply to comments and write my posts for at least a few hours every day. It was a way to connect with friends all over the world. We all were going through similar situations and were supportive of each other.


Since eating out was out of bounds, cooking at home was the other option. I’m not very fond of cooking but baking was always my favorite. Made bread, cakes, banana bread, and cookies too.

Long phone calls to family and friends;

For six months I was stuck in Seattle. I would spend a lot of time on calls to my kids and friends in Pakistan. There’s a 12 hours time difference between the two cities, Seattle and Lahore in summers, so the calls were either made very early in the morning or late at night.


I listened to music while blogging, walking or preparing meals. Music is such a mood elevator that it made all activities, fun. I had a playlist for all my moods. Hip-hop for walking, soothing music for blogging and spiritual music for contemplation.


These are the ways I used to uplift my mood during the lockdown.



46 thoughts on “5 ways of Beating Pandemic Blues

  1. These are very good suggestions! I like how it’s a healthy take on the whole deal too! I like the family and friends connection as well as fresh air and getting the heart pumping!

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  2. I miss walking. I have a disability which prevents me from taking too many steps. I used to walk and walk. I tried walking around the block about a year ago. It caused bursitis in my hip and knee in addition to my feet pain.

    Blogging, baking, contact with family, and music all added to my survival.

    Great post my friend.

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  3. Many of us thought this pandemic would be temporary. Now nearing two years it’s definitely caused challenges and heartache. My family and I have sought comfort in the Holy Scriptures. One passage is Revelation 21:3,4. To know that our Heavenly Father promises a life free from pain and death is truly something to look forward to.

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