Rory Asks ; What brings you Joy?

Rory asked a question yesterday on his blog;

What would be your Top 5 Things that Award You Joy/Enjoyment?


Enjoyment is different from joy.

In order of priority;

My grandchildren;

My grandkids are the joy of my life. They are young yet so that I can enjoy their cuteness. Their laughter, hugs, and kisses are what make me happy.

My children and husband;

I love my family very much. Their joys and achievements bring me joy. When we all get together as a family for a simple meal or to celebrate an occasion, there is nothing like it.


This passion of mine, which I discovered accidentally, gives me great joy. The process of writing for my blog and interacting with my friends here on the blogosphere makes my days brighter.

Meeting friends;

Before Covid, meeting friends regularly was a monthly feature. Now we meet whenever things are under control, Covid wise. We take due care and never take risks. So I’m waiting for the return of carefree days so that we can meet without the risk of falling sick.

Eating out;

Eating gives me joy. Eating out means that I don’t have to cook complicated meals to enjoy them. And going out to eat also means that I don’t have to wash up and tidy things afterwards.

These are just the top of the list of things that give me joy!

Thanks Rory for asking.

What things bring you joy?

37 thoughts on “Rory Asks ; What brings you Joy?

  1. I pretty much agree with your five, although as two of my grandsons are at university I no longer experience their cute side! I do have a three-year-old one though, and she’s certainly cute, just a shame she lives 500 miles away!

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  2. I love all of your answers, Sadje; thank you for sharing. Hmmm. Time with family and friends, time alone, creating at work and on my blog, food, for sure, hahaha, and, sitting in silence. All bring me joy. Thanks for asking, Sadje!

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