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The photo below is from

For the visually challenged writer, the photo shows a young girl lying on her back a stone street or walkway and she’s “holding hands” with a chalk drawing of a boy.


Susan was a lonely child. She didn’t make friends easily and would spend most of her time by herself. One day a family moved next door, who has a boy her age. Slowly and gradually they became friends.
She would play with him, ride the school bus with him, and even went next door to play on their porch. Andy was a lovable child and Susan’s parents also liked him very much.
After a year, Andy’s dad found a job in another city and they moved away. Susan retreated into her old persona. She would sit alone and play by herself. Her mom tried to arrange play dates with kids from her class and neighborhood but she would just shut herself up in her room.
Then Susan’s mom started to see a difference in her daughter. She seemed happier and more outgoing. She asked her about this change in her demeanor, and Susan told her that Andy was back.
She took her mom outside in the patio where she had sketched Andy with chalk on the floor. She laid beside the drawing and started talking to it.
Her mom didn’t know what to do about this imaginary friend!




41 thoughts on “Fandango Flash Fiction Challenge – Friend

  1. Children are resilient. One can only hope that Susan ‘opens up’ and can ‘grow up’.
    Some children don’t speak until they are 5 – 7 years old and then start with complete sentence.
    When asked why some have said; “I didn’t have anything relevant to say”…

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