Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge Quiet Places

Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge Quiet Places from GC & SueW

This Wednesday’s Challenge on partner Susan and my site is QUIET PLACES.

Have you ever noticed that no matter how gregarious and people-oriented a person happens to be we all seek a quiet spot for ourselves away from the roar and confusion of friends, family and co-workers?

This week you are invited to tell us a tale or two or show us your own secret refuge from reality.  A place that always seems to help calm your jangled nerves and offers a temporary respite from the everyday pressures of living.

As always The challenge is flexible, so please interpret in any way you wish – Words, Pictures, Poetry or Rhyme.


There is a quiet place where I love to sit

Alone with my company and with my thoughts

Away from the hustle-bustle of the busy life

A few precious moments of peace and quiet

It’s not that I am unhappy in the company of people

But there are times that I prefer my own company

So I retreat to a quiet place to be alone with my thoughts




19 thoughts on “Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge Quiet Places

      1. Alarm bells always ring when something appears as a copy instead of a re-blog, especially as there was little reference to you.

        I commented on the poem and then thought how similar it was to one I’d just read! Then the penny dropped, duh… it was yours! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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