Sunday Poser # 49

Welcome to another Sunday Poser.

My question this week is;

Have you or do you want to learn a new language?

I grew up in a society where speaking at least a couple of languages is very common. Urdu, our national language and a regional language, which in my case is Punjabi. I learned English in school as it is the medium of instruction in most good schools, perhaps a legacy of British rule. In addition to this most Muslims learn to read Arabic because our holy book, Quran is in Arabic.

So I am fluent in Urdu and English, and can speak and understand Punjabi. I am not very good at reading and writing Punjabi as it is a difficult language to master. As for Arabic, I can read and write it but I cannot understand spoken Arabic. The language of Quran is old Arabic and I can understand some of it but the modern Arabic is quite different from it.

And yet I still want to learn another language; Persian. I love how musical it sounds. Maybe one day I will realize this dream of mine. Nowadays, learning a new language online is not that difficult, just time consuming.

So what about you? Have you learned a second/ third language or plan to do so?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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54 thoughts on “Sunday Poser # 49

  1. I’ve been so desperate to learn Urdu! It’s such a beautiful language, one could make beautiful songs and poetry in Urdu. Ofcourse, it’s quite similar to Hindi and I can understand it without much effort when spoken slowly and clearly, but I wish to learn atleast some basic spoken expressions. My Hindi needs some improvement too. Apart from that, my tongue has spoken 8 languages since childhood, learning some, forgetting some on the way. Out of the Romance languages, I speak French but I wish to be more fluent.

    You are so right about, may I say, OUR society (Southeast Asian) encouraging the use of many languages.

    Sorry, this got looong. The topic of languages excites me a great deal 😅

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    1. I can also understand Hindi like you can understand Urdu because, yes they are so similar. Now reading Hindi is something different altogether. I guess understanding the language is a plus too. French is a beautiful language but hard to speak than most languages. Bravo for mastering French. Thanks Sam for sharing your thoughts.

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  2. I learned some Spanish in school, yet did not make good use of it, so have lost most of those learnings. However, I do have a goal to be able to communicate in Spanish in the next couple of years, and am taking steps to make that a reality. I would also like to learn Sanskrit. That is a future goal, yet I do take some actions today to prepare me for that possibility. I love this question, and think that learning more than one language is important. Thank you, Sadje!

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    1. Sanskrit is a tough language to learn. I hope you achieve this goal my friend. Spanish is part of school curriculum in many states in USA and I think you’ll be able to regain the use of it. Thanks for sharing your views Jeff.

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  3. Growing up in a household where German and English were spoken, I was fortunate to learn two languages – German and English. What reinforced it was going to school on an Army base and living off base in Germany from Kindergarten through 4th grade. I literally was left no choice but to learn both languages! And for that I’m glad.

    Another language I would love to master is Spanish. Right now, I can get the gist of a conversation because I know a lot of words but I can’t rapid-fire speak it because I must frequently think what the right word is. One of these days I will get there!

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    1. That is indeed lucky that you learned German when you were a kid. I agree that the true test of our ability is when we can converse in a language without thinking too much. Thanks

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  4. I tried learning Spanish years ago as I worked in a store where many people spoke it. My son moved to France with his wife who is French and an interpreter by trade so now he is learning French in classes paid for by the French government. How good of them!

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  5. Ooh don’t get me started on how many languages I wanna learn!!! I already know English and Arabic (old and modern dialects) and I can speak and write them fluently. I really want to learn French ( even though I already started and I know some, but its kinda hard😅) and German, Spanish, Italian and so many more!😂😂😅

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  6. I grew up speaking, reading and writing 2 languages and most of us in my country can speak at least 4. Persian is such an ancient language and sounds utterly romantic. My bookclub friend here speaks and writes Persian, she’s Iranian. She also translates to and from her language. I’d like to learn Korean to understand their history and heritage better. Lovely post Sadje.

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    1. Thank you so much Gina. We, the people in the east are exposed to more languages from very childhood so it’s s as bonus for us. Maybe one day I’ll be brave and start learning Persian.

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  7. Honestly I wished I learnt languages from a young age. I am really fascinated by languages that do not use the latinized abc script and especially because its great knowledge to apply when you are analyzing primary resources such as manuscripts. It is a definite need to be I guess made mandatory in the public school system in Australia too I think

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  8. I took two years of Spanish but remember so little of it, I’d like to learn it again. And another language I would like to learn ASL there is not a lot of times I would need to use it, but it would come in handy I am sure.

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