5 Things Tuesday – Feelings/ Emotions most felt during the pandemic

Tanya is the host of 5 Things Tuesday

5 ThingsTuesday: Feelings / Emotions you felt most often during the Pandemic


As Tanya said in her post, covid-19 is a long way from being over. What emotions I have felt most during these 18-19 months are;


The first emotion I experienced during the lockdown was uncertainty. Everything in the future looked uncertain as I realized the extent of this pandemic. Never before had I experienced this situation before. Travel plans, planned outings even grocery shopping had to be put on hold.


Frustrating is the second most common emotion that I have experienced during the last year and a half. Frustration at people who refuse to accept the reality of pandemic, who don’t get vaccinated, and all those who don’t wear masks. These people are putting others at risk along with themselves and their families.

Self realization;

Time in lockdown allowed me to get to know myself better. The most important thing that I realized is that we don’t need all the stuff we think we do. We can do with a lot less and it has I think made me a better person.


Gratitude is an emotion that I feel daily. We, the family are all vaccinated against covid and as yet safe from it. With so much illness, death, and misery that we saw during these past months, the value of counting our blessings daily and giving thanks for them has become very important.

Value of family and friends;

During Covid, we stayed isolated and didn’t meet our friends or the extended family at all. This has taught me to value my family and friends a lot. We indeed realize the importance of something when it’s taken from us. During the past 18 months or so I’ve really come to appreciate friends and family.




39 thoughts on “5 Things Tuesday – Feelings/ Emotions most felt during the pandemic

  1. Even when vaccinated – you can get Covid, perhaps less stressful though. All of our family except for the youngest of which there isn’t a vaccine available yet have gotten ‘shot’. That didn’t stop someone who wasn’t vaccinated from passing it on to both my son and grandson who had to be kept from the rest of us for 10 days for one who is vaccinated and 14 days for one who is not.

    People need to understand this pandemic is not a joke. Thank you for sharing your insights.

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  2. Thank you for sharing with us, Sadje. I agree with all of those emotions, and think, for me, I circled through these emotions throughout the pandemic as the virus continued/continues to iterate. The two that were/are continuous through the pandemic were/are gratitude and self realization. Excellent post, my friend.

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