Share Your World – October 4, 2021

Melanie is the host of SYW


How do you feel about sharing your computer or phone password with your partner?

I would be too happy to share my passwords with my husband, or my kids if they show any inclination or desire to know them. Only my grandson knows the password to my laptop because we share that device. Others have their own passwords to remember and don’t want to add mine to it. I was thinking of leaving a document behind with all my passwords in it so that when I die, people can disable my accounts.

What is the greatest struggle you’ve overcome? (This isn’t meant to be invasive, just use general terms if you’d like. Or if not, feel free to pass on the question. That’s allowed too).

There have been many struggles that I’ve faced in life. Some I’ve conquered, so to say. One was my overly sensitive nature. With constant deliberate effort, I have learned to not react to things that used to hurt me. Remarks made intentionally or unintentionally to hurt me now have little power to do so. Same with thoughtless actions of others, which at one time would hurt me, now they don’t have that effect on me.

If heaven is real and you died tomorrow, do you think you would get in? Why or why not? (this is purely speculation, no bias if you don’t believe)

Heaven is very real and I would consider myself very very lucky indeed if I get a place in there. All through my life I have made conscious effort to be good but there are times when our baser instincts take over. So I am hopeful but not sure. May Allah have mercy on me.

What makes you feel like you really need to be alone?

I like being alone. Not all the time but most of the time. I like my own company. And in my alone time, I play games, blog, and read books. It’s also the best time to chat with friends or listen to music.

GRATITUDE SECTION  (as always, optional)

Do you have any traditions around this time of year?

Nopes we don’t have any traditions for this time of the year. I’m just happy that summer is over and now we have some pleasant weather now. I do miss the pumpkin spice everything we used to enjoy in Seattle, specially the coffee.

Many thanks Melanie for thinking up interesting questions for us all every week.




21 thoughts on “Share Your World – October 4, 2021

    1. Nopes, it’s the opposite! I gave him the use of my laptop as he needs it for school work. I’m pretty good at handling the small tech issues that I or he faces. What I’m not good at is tackling something new.

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  1. Thanks, Sadje for Sharing Your World! 🙂 I notice that this year and obviously last year, pumpkin spice has kinda toned down. You can find it, but it’s not in your face like when it first showed up. I hope you get at least one cup of good pumpkin spice coffee this season! 🙂 Growing a thicker skin (which is an older way of saying one is less ‘touchy’ perhaps) is a wonderful thing to accomplish! I’ve been working on doing that too, and it’s much harder to do than to talk about! Congratulations on doing that! (and who could be mean to you? That seems a very stupid thing to do! ) You fill your free time with a lot of good activities, and I think that shows what a balanced and healthy life you live! Have a great week! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much Melanie. Over here they haven’t heard of pumpkin spice! Anyway if I visit America again, I get my fix.
      There are mean people everywhere and one does need a thicker skin to protect oneself from getting hurt. Yes, it’s easier said than done but it’s doable. Thanks again for great questions


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