Photo Challenge- 384 & FSS # 13

Weejars is the host of Photo Challenge

Photo credit Kyle Green

Use the above image as inspiration for a poem or short story.

Cold and wet, tired and exhausted, she…


Cold and wet, tired and exhausted she dragged herself out of that hole in the ice. The rest of the clan was very amused at her accident but she was furious.

β€œIt wasn’t my fault, the ice was breaking before I stepped on it!β€œ

Molly snickered and said, β€œoh sure, you can say that now”.

Just then with a loud noise more of the ice sheet cracked and the ducks, drakes, and the ducklings started to scramble to safely.

β€œSee it wasn’t my fault, the ice is thin!” Gabby had to have the last word.





28 thoughts on “Photo Challenge- 384 & FSS # 13

  1. As a child I would ice skate on a local pond. Once a duck had gotten frozen in the ice with the head sticking up out of the ice. What a sad ending for that poor duck. One of the boys decided to decapitate it and chase the girls with the frozen head. Your picture spawned that gruesome memory. We skated fast to get away from that boy! May God bless all the animals as we enter the coldest months of the year. God bless all.

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