WQWWC # 42 – Communication

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This weekly writing challenge runs from Wednesday through Tuesday. The only rule is to use a quote.

WQWWC #42 Communication


This is not only absolutely true but also so very essential. Without good communication, one can end up losing friends or even family members to misunderstandings.

Paying attention to the tone of the voice and how something is being said is also important if we want to really connect with other people. The word β€œFine” is the perfect example. It can be either very good or pretty bad.

Yes, good communication is power indeed. It is the secret to the success of many people in public life. Politicians, actors, public office holders all need to have great communication skills.

This one I think is the most important of all. Never assume, but ask instead. Always keep the channels of communication open. Be willing to share your thoughts and views with others. Many times we presume that others know what we are feeling and feel hurt when they don’t. Always try to verbalize your thoughts and expectations so that there aren’t any misunderstandings.


Marsha is taking a break of two weeks and that’s why I held off this post because the next Prompt will be posted after another week.



40 thoughts on “WQWWC # 42 – Communication

  1. Good quotes, Sadje. I think once you’re on a communication roll with someone it’s easy to keep it going. I think once you stop feeling comfortable sharing with another person, the lack of communication can be difficult to reboot.

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  2. Excellent points, Sadje. You had a lot of agreements in your comment section. I could just hear people saying, β€œfine!” There are so many ways that can go. That’s one of the disadvantages of blogging. I try to keep all my words positive, but even then I am sometimes misunderstood. Then, I’m always a little leery of what that person thinks about what I say. Great post.

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