PCF # 5 – Foggy mirror/ Possibility

Paula is the host of PCF

Welcome to my Friday afternoon paint chip prompt. There are other paint chip prompts out there, but they’re very precise in what they ask for. Mine is open ~ write a poem, a story, a memory, whatever you like. Take your inspiration this week from Valspar’s “possibility” and/or “foggy mirror.” Tag your post Paint Chip Friday, or PCF, if you wish


The foggy mirror in the bathroom

Refuses to share my reflection with me

Maybe it feels I may not be ready to look myself in the eye

I know that behind that smoke

Lies a face that I am familiar with

Yet at times as if a stranger is looking back at me

There are many ways the day can go

Possibilities abound and options unlimited

I choose today to be a day of joy

I clear the mirror and smile at the face

It smiles back at me and we’re both ready

Buckle up, for the day is going to be full of adventure




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