Throwback Thursday- Music memories

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Music Memories

Maybe it’s a song that brings back good memories. Maybe it was your first radio or record player – or iPod depending on your age. Maybe it is the song that always moves you to tears. What song was played at your wedding? Did you have band posters hanging on your bedroom walls? What are your music-connected memories?


As you said, music plays a great role in our lives. We start by listening to what our parents listen to, and then gradually we develop our own taste. And for me the next step was adopting the music my children were listening to as my own.

Growing up, I have memories of the tape recorder playing Beatles songs as my father loved English songs. At the same time, he would listen to oldies like Saigol, Lata, Mukash, and Rafi, great Indian singers. His generation grew up in India before Pakistan came into existence. He went for his master’s degree in public administration to Harvard, Boston in 1969. On his return, he brought back a record player and many LPs. “The Graduate” was his favorite, and to this day I love those songs.

During the time I was growing up, we listened to Indian songs a lot. They were what our generation was listening to in those days. My older brother was into Boney-M, Bee Gees, Abba, etc and I also started listening to them.

Whenever I hear any of these songs playing, I’m taken back to those teenage years.




30 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday- Music memories

  1. What lovely memories, Sadje. I do not know much about Indian music, but we all do have an affinity to what we hear as children and our own cultural references. Thank you for joining in this week. It is always a pleasure to read your posts.

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  2. No musical memories will ever beat out the Beatles. How lucky we were to grow up with them in our consciousness as well as our consciences. I also loved Simon and Garfunkel, Tom Waits, Randy Newman and Bob Dylan. Linda Ronstadt and Bonnie Raitt, Joanie Mitchell, so many greats. I’ll think of a dozen more once I stop writing this. I don’t think any musical generation ever bested ours of the 60’s through the 90’s.

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    1. Thanks Lauren. My grandson has forgotten Urdu during his 5 years stay in America and just likes to listen to English music. The younger two are still developing their music sense. Right now they only listen to children’s music, poem and those from different Disney shows.

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  3. Great challenge, Sadje. I did enjoy my parent’s music as well as my own. Then, because I never had children, my exposure plummeted. Now there is such a variety, I never tire of hearing new music, but it does get ingrained like it did when that’s all we played.

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