Sunday Poser # 47

Here we are, the last Sunday of September. How quickly time is passing.

Today my question is;

Who or what is your rock in the storm?

We all face storms during our time. Some are storms in a teacup, magnified by our perceptions while others are such that shake our lives. At times like these, we need someone or something to anchor us.

My life has been such that from my very childhood, I have seen difficult times. I have been lucky to have kind and supportive people all through my life but I have learned to rely on my faith for support. To me, there is nothing stronger or more reliable than my faith. It gives me the courage to withstand the storms that brew from time to time. For all my troubles, I turn to God and ask for help and am never disappointed.

What about you?

A loved one or a life partner or perhaps parents or siblings, who is the one you turn to when you need support?

Please share your thoughts in the section. Or you can write your own post and link it with this one so that I can find it.

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52 thoughts on “Sunday Poser # 47

  1. For sure, the people in my life are extraordinarily supportive, family, friends, the team, etc. Yet, I’ve also had an underlying belief in something larger than myself, known by many names of which God is one, and today, my anchor, like you, Sadje, is my faith. It is the tether in any storm that comes my way. For a long time, though the tether was still there, I was looking outward only for support; and, today, I first look inward, and sit in communion, contemplation, and prayer. I feel blessed everyday that this is so. Great question, Sadje.


  2. My husband, my boys, and my close friends are those who help me weather pressures from the external and the internal. I’m grateful for their love and their support during trying times. But they aren’t the only ones as I lean into my resiliency and determination within.

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  3. In my crazy childhood I learned that I had to be my own rock. I learned that no one here in this realm was going to save me. I also felt that I was being looked after by another power not known here. My view of G-d is a universal one. A spiritual one, not a physical being. As I have aged and clarified my view more and more, I have come to see that often the right people come into my life to hold me in their hearts, to lift me up, and to comfort me. Those people are G-d inspired in my humble opinion. Great question.

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  4. I have relied on some of my closest friends in times of trouble in my life. Not the same friend all the time, but there are those that have been put in my life just when I need them. I know of three that have a special place in my heart that have kept me from drowning in my chaotic life. Great poser Sadje!

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