Truthful Tuesday – Careers

Frank is the host of Truthful Tuesday

The Question

When you were in grade school, what did you want to be when you grew up? Were you right, or did you end up doing something else?


I think I always wanted to be a doctor. There was a brief time when in high school I realized that being very good in mathematics, I could easily opt for a career in engineering, but my paternal grandmother opposed the idea. Girls could be doctors or teachers but not engineers!

I did get into medical school, or college as we call it here, and studied there for four years. Then the story changed and I decided to get married and start a family!

I was right in that that I had an aptitude for the medical profession. I was good at diagnosing diseases, at putting the patients at ease and most importantly, I had a good grasp of my subjects. But life had other plans for me. I could have continued my studies after marriage, but then other factors played a role in this game called life and I finally thought that since I cannot continue with my medical career, I should withdraw from college. I later gave an exam to get a bachelor’s degree in science.

I ended up being a wife and a mother. As careers go, this is the most difficult and most rewarding career. But I think the least appreciated.




26 thoughts on “Truthful Tuesday – Careers

    1. Oh Leigha it’s been too long. I tried doing that after my son was born, 34 years ago but the process was very complicated. I am happy with what I am today. I do have the knowledge to help my family and friends and that’s what counts. Thanks

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