5 Things for Tuesday- Rainy days favorite activities

Tanya is the host of 5 Things Tuesday

5 Things Tuesday: Favourite Rainy Day Activities


β€’ Staying indoors and watching rain;

This s the best way to enjoy rainy days. I stay near a window or a veranda and listen to the rain and thunder.

β€’ Eating samosas and pakoras;

It’s a tradition that one gets together with family too enjoy these deep fried treats with a cup of tea.

β€’ Reading;

Since one doesn’t want to venture out, staying home and reading something interesting is the best way to enjoy this time.

β€’ Blogging;

Another lovely way to spend free time. I am always looking for a few spare moments to read posts from the blogs I follow and to answer the comments.

β€’ Going for a aimless drive and enjoying my favorite music;

When I was younger this used to be my favorite activity on a rainy day. Now I am a bit cautious and don’t indulge in it often because driving in rain isn’t that easy at my age.




66 thoughts on “5 Things for Tuesday- Rainy days favorite activities

    1. Thanks! I didn’t forget, in my country, the rainy season is in mid summer so it’s very humid and hot too enjoy cooking, specially baking. Thanks a lot


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