Fandango Flash Fiction Challenge – A tale of two friends

Fandango is the host of Fandango Flash Fiction Challenge

Welcome to Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge.

The photo below is from Sebastian Czubachowski at

For the visually challenged writer, the black and white photo shows a dog and a young boy expectantly looking out of windows.


Has she gone?

I think so, I can’t see her anywhere.

Should we, then go out?

No no, not yet. Let’s wait a little bit. I don’t want her to find me and take me to the bus stop. Let’s wait till the school bus has gone.

β€œJimmy, where are you?” mom said as she opened the garage door. β€œWhy are you here when you know it’s time for school?”

β€œI was looking for my school books mom. Can Charlie come with us to the bus stop? He says he wants to see the school bus too!”

Mom gave a resigned look and agree that the two friends can go to the bus stop together.




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