And it’s done!

We have finally moved and are now settled in our new home.

Lots of things had to be taken care of but I had help. We moved with our stuff on last Monday. And thankfully by Sunday most of wrinkles had been ironed out.

Relocating to another city has two sides; The excitement of a new adventure, new place and new people and the other side of setting up the house anew, getting everything in working order and getting the services like internet working, all adding to the stress, specially at my age.

But still I am glad we are here in Islamabad, or Isloo, as it’s fondly called by the people here. The view from the windows is lovely, there is greenery everywhere and the Climate is better too.

Onwards to a new adventure!

I am grateful for all the supportive messages and best wishes from my blogging family.

I am hopefully back to blogging with my complete attention.



49 thoughts on “And it’s done!

    1. Thanks Elle. It is exhausting but with help I was able to tackle it quite well. I hope it’s a fruitful stay. I’m no stranger to this city. I have spent many years here as a child and later with my young family. But it is growing and changing rapidly.

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  1. Best wishes to you and yours in your new home. While I have been in my current home for sometime, I have moved too many times to count. I wish you much success in setting up your knew home. I am still rearranging mine 😉
    We had some upgrades done a while back and I still have blank walls in my dining area.

    Lovely window views. Cheers, Jules


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