Throwback Thursday – Pets in my life

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Today’s subject: The Pets in My life


Since this prompt is all about nostalgic memories, I was reluctant to join in at first as we never had a pet growing up. Our family were only interested in raising chickens for eggs or giving the occasional stray kitten/cat a saucer of milk.

But there is a pet in my life now so I am writing about Dinky, our Tom cat. My grandson wanted to adopt a cat and a friend of my daughter had rescued this little guy.

He is such a mischievous kitty. With my 2 1/2 old granddaughter, he is patient and gentle but with my grandson, he is deliberately provoking. He sees his shorts clad legs and aims for a bite in the calf region. There are shouts and tears and then there is a truce between the two.

And then he comes to my grandson for a cuddle and snuggles next to him and goes to sleep. In the three months he has been with us, he has grown up a lot.

Now we have shifted to another city and Dinky is missing his little owner. The plan is to go back, after we have settled and transport him to our new home.




42 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – Pets in my life

  1. What a gorgeous cat, Sadje! I love the name, too. I am glad you joined in. Our rules are very fluid just because we want to encourage participation. It is amazing how quickly they become a part of the family.

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  2. We’ve never had a cat before, but we now have our daughters. Kitty Kitty was getting picked on by her other cat and stressing. Now she’s the tigress

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